Concerning Application for 2015-2016 Fall Semester Exchange Program at Japan Kumamoto University

Office of International Exchanges

Recently, Kumamoto University, our partner university in Japan, sent a Notice, mentioning that the application for admission of the 2015-2016 fall semester exchange program had come into operation. Matters in relevance are hereby notified:


I.  Introduction to Kumamoto University

       Kumamoto University is a national university established in 1949 under the new educational system after the Second World War. It grew out of the Fifth High School built in 1887 under the old system (now known as the Fifth High School Museum). The Fifth High School under the old system had such prominent scholars as Natsume Soseki to teach there, and thus produced two prime ministers like Ikeda Hayato and Eisaku Sato as well as lots of prominent social figures.

       Kumamoto University has a history of over 100 years, now consisting of 7 faculties, 8 graduate schools, and 10 educational and scientific research establishments. With its outstanding achievements in the fields of education and scientific research, it has made its contributions to the development of the region and international community.
   School website:


II.  Contents of the Program



       In accordance with the friendly exchange agreement signed by our university and Kumamoto University in March 2015, one to five students are to be sent from each university to its partner university to study and exchange every year from October 2015. The students to be sent bear the identity of "international exchange students". In line with the principle of strengthening friendly exchanges between the two institutions and deepening the friendship and mutual understanding between China and Japan, the students on exchange will be given by the accepting institution a favorable treatment in terms of registration fee, admission fee and tuition. They will be assured of proper accommodation and provided with the information of scholarship with financial aid. All this will help to promise more opportunities for students of both universities to go overseas and see the world.


(II).Qualifications for Application

       Applicants for exchange program to study at Kumamoto university shall meet the following requirements:

       1.  Program in English

               (1) To be students of Guangxi Normal University (including graduate students), regardless of major.
               (2) To be healthy and well-behaved.
               (3) To be able to carry out daily communication and attend classes in English. The English proficiency reaches 61 or over in IBT TOEFL.
             2.  Program in Japanese

               (1) To be students of the partner university (including graduate students), regardless of major.
               (2) To be healthy and well-behaved.


(III).Period of Study

               One semester or one academic year.


(IV).Number of Students to Be Sent One to five.


(V).Identity & Treatment of Students on Exchange

           1. Identity:  Exchange Students

           2. Credit Transfer:

           Students on exchange can get the corresponding credits for the courses taken. Upon completion of the program study, they will be provided with academic reports and credits by Kumamoto University. According to the relevant regulations of Guangxi Normal University, joint responsibility for the transfer of students' credits will be taken by the Office of International Exchanges, the Office of Teaching Affairs, and the students' home faculty.


All prospective applicants shall make sure whether or not the courses offered by the host university are the same as or similar to those they are now taking; otherwise, transfer of credits will not be possible. For available courses, please refer to Kumamoto University website, or consult Office of International Exchanges.


(VI).Submission of Documents Necessary (of them 1,2,3,7 being attached)

            1. Application Form for Overseas Study
            2. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
            3. Application for Residence Permit at International Exchange House
            4. Student Certificate
            5. Academic Transcript    
            6. Letter of Recommendation
            7. Physical Examination Form
            8. 4 ID Photographs (Size: 40mm x 30mm)
            9. Photocopy of Passport
            10.TOEFL Transcript (For applicants for Program in English, if they are not speakers of English, the English proficiency certificate can be provided by the university.)


(III)  Illustration of Expenses

         (1)All related expenses shall be paid by the applicants..
         (2) Scholarship Information: Students on exchange will have the opportunity to apply for "JASSO Scholarship" and "Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology"."  


(IV)  Application Deadline
Deadline of application for going to Japan in October 2015:  May 11, 2015,
Deadline of application for going to Japan in April, 2016:  November 30, 2015


(V) Contact Information

         (1) Program Director and Consultant:  Ms. Liang (Phone: 5839287)
         (2) Place:  Room 109  Foreign Language Building, Yucai Campus

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