An Overseas Student of GXNU Got to the Final of the Inaugural "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" Selection Competition


From April 13 to 16, the inaugural "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" selection competition-sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) - was held in Beijing Language and Culture University. The 132 contestants in this  competition were selected froma pool of 700 postgraduatestudents majoring in Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) from 84 Chinese colleges, with the top 50 contestants getting to the final via selection on the spot.The top contestants would be provided with the opportunity of attending the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" summer camp activity in June. Our MTCSOL students Chen Peipei (Vietnam) and Wen Xin (Russia) were selected for this competition.

This selection competition was composed of two sections, simulated classroom teaching and Chinese culture promotion. The simulated classroom teaching section aimed at testing the contestants' practical teaching skills. This included promoting students' motivation and interaction with each other, so as to realize verbal communication and accomplish teaching objectives. The Chinese culture promotion section aimed at testing the contestants' cultural knowledge  and skills in organizing and managing cultural activities, and ability in integrating talent with teaching technique; and promoting communication between Chinese and foreign cultures. The competition invited scholars and experts specializing in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication, to be examiners.

The competition was fierce but in the end Chen Peipei (among top ten contestants) won the pass for the final and summer camp, and would attend the final in  June, representing  GXNU. The two contestants expressed that, regardless of the result, they had gained  precious experience from this competition, promoted their skills and abilities in Chinese teaching, and expanded their knowledge of Chinese culture. To them, this was a very beneficial experience which made them more eager to work hard and further love  their decision to undertake  international education in Mandarin.


Leader of Hanban Awarding Passes


Chen Peipei from GXNU Got to Final Successfully.

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