Liang Lina, a GXNU Graduate, Talked to General Secretary Xi Jinping

Zhang Tingting

"From which university did you graduate?"

"Guangxi Normal University."

Speaking of the talk with General Secretary Xi Jinping, Liang Lina could not be more excited. A GXNU graduate admitted in 2011,Liang Lina currently serves as Party Branch Secretary of the Luhe Village, a small mountain village in Guangxi Province, China.

On the afternoon of April 20, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium in Guangxi. During the symposium, 14 representatives of grassroots cadres, and the masses from scientific, educational, political, cultural and social sectors, had a face-to-face communication with General Secretary Xi, to report their working progress, summarize their experience, make suggestions and propose their expectations for the 19th CPC National Congress.

During the symposium, Liang Lina illustrated the change that had taken place in the Luhe Village with facts and data, and reported to General Secretary Xi Jinping how she successfully led the people of the village to shake off poverty. When she mentioned that she returned to her village to work after graduating with a Master's degree, General Secretary Xi warmly asked, "From which university did you graduate?""Guangxi Normal University," Liang Lina proudly answered.

Speaking of her efforts in helping the people get rid of poverty, Liang Lina held that the current effort was effective and satisfactory; from condition rating to poverty alleviating, from problem solving to result consolidating, the key was "accuracy." General Secretary Xi mentioned, "A Party member is a flag and shall be cautious about his or her deeds. A Party member should be both active and effective in dealing with problems; and should be professional and ready to learn."

Speaking of the talk with General Secretary Xi, Liang Lina was so excited that she said she was greatly inspired, "I shall do as General Secretary said; convey the important address by General Secretary Xi and promote well the national policies with the words that the people can understand easily."

Liang Lina is a Master's graduate from GXNU's College of Physical Science and Technology admitted in 2011. After graduating with a Master's degree, she resolved to return to serve her hometown. She was elected Party Branch Secretary of Luhe Village, and deputy to the National People's Congress in 2013.  Liang Lina was recently appointed Deputy Mayor of Wushi Town while holding a concurrent post as Party Branch Secretary of Luhe Village. During the NPC and CPPCC this year, Premier Li Keqiangjoined the Guangxi delegation and attended the government work report reviewing. Because of her outstanding performance in poverty alleviation during her six years at Luhe village, Liang Lina got the chance to meet with, and talk to, Premier Li Keqiang.

In recent years, many media outlets have reported the meritorious deeds of Liang Lina. For more information, please refer to two reports of the "China Youth Daily" listed below.

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Symposium Site (photo by Xinhua News Agency)

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