Guangxi Normal University signing an agreement on cooperation with Beijing Normal University

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Liang Hong, President of Guangxi Normal University and Dong Qi, President of Beijing Normal University, representing both universities, signed an agreement on cooperation between the two institutions, at the BNU Main Building's conference room on the afternoon of January 20, 2015. The signing marked a new chapter in the cooperation between Guangxi Normal University and Beijing Normal University, which had been prepared for half a year before. Present at the signing ceremony were GXNU Deputy Party Secretary Zha Danming, GXNU Vice-President Li Chuanqi, and people in charge of administration offices, development planning offices, teaching affairs offices, science and technology departments of both universities. Liu Li, Deputy Secretary of BNU Party Committee, chaired the signing ceremony. 

 In accordance with the agreement, the cooperation between the two universities will  fully be put into practice in regard to cultivation of talented people, construction of academic disciplines, scientific research, academic exchanges, teaming of qualified personnel, social services, and so on.. In addition, by making full use of BNU's excellent basic education resources, the two universities will undertake specific cooperation in training outstanding teachers, renovating basic education curriculum, and internationalizing teacher education, etc. The cooperation between the two parties will help not only to promote the development of both universities, but also to inject new vitality and driving force into the scientific development of teacher education in Guangxi. 

 President Dong Qi made a warm speech to sincerely welcome President Liang Hong and his party. President Dong mentioned in his welcoming speech that both institutions were normal universities with a common historical mission, hoping that the signed agreement would serve as a turning point and give a great impetus to the development of cooperation and exchange program between the two universities. He put forward his ideas that both parties should put the agreement into effect in a down-to-earth manner, fit well the partnership departments in order to form good mechanism for cooperation, further engage in cooperation in the fields of teacher education and training, student practice, and social service, and so on and so forth, and by practical actions implement the core idea of the speech made by Party Secretary General Xi Jinping at Beijing Normal University on the eve of the Teachers Day last year. 

 President Liang Hong also delivered a speech to extend his sincere thanks for the support by Beijing Normal University. President Liang Hong stated that Guangxi Normal University and Beijing Normal University had had a profound historical bond. Mr. Lin Liru, former President of Beijing Normal University once worked as Dean of Studies at Guilin Normal College (predecessor of Guangxi Normal University). At every stage of development since the founding of Guangxi normal University in 1932, there were always excellent graduates from Beijing Normal University coming to teach here. Both scholars and teachers from both institutions had had exchanges and cooperations before in academic studies and scientific research programs. He pointed out that the cooperation between Guangxi Normal University and Beijing Normal University at this new starting point nowadays would help to increase our university's core competitiveness, thus providing a good opportunity for its further development.  In the meanwhile, Guangxi Normal University would give into full play its regional superiority to help with the popularization and application of Beijing Normal University's scientific research achievements and high-quality educational resources in Guangxi, and to construct together a high-level carrier for serving local educational development. 

 Before the signing of this agreement, Wang Nan, Secretary of GXNU Party Committee, and Zhong Ruitian, GXNU Vice-President, had led a delegation of the related functional departments to visit Beijing Normal University, and had talks  with Secretary Liu Chuansheng and President Dong Qi. They had discussed and exchanged ideas concerning the cooperation between the two institutions in terms of principles, contents, and guarantees of cooperation, etc.

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