2014 Annual Academic Conference Held by Key Laboratory of Medicinal Resources Chemistry and Medicinal Molecular Engineering

Key Laboratory of Medicinal Resources Chemistry And Medicinal Molecular Engineering

On January 9, 2015, Guangxi Laboratory of Medicinal Resources Chemistry and Medicinal Molecular Chemistry - a key laboratory jointly set up by the ministerial and provincial institutions, hosted the 2014 annual academic conference which was divided into two parts - academic reports and student posters exhibition. Professor Liang Hong, President of the University and Director of the Key Laboratory, attended and addressed the conference. Over 160 people were also present, among who were people in charge of the University Science and Technology Department, School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science, responsible people and researchers of the key laboratory, and graduate students of the research tropic team. 

 After a simple opening ceremony, Professor Chen Zhenfeng, Standing Deputy Director of the Key Laboraatory and a Bagui Scholar, made a report on the significant progress achieved by the lab in the year 2014. The lab made a steady increease both in research projects and research fund, 46 additional new projecrts with a total fund of 165,400,000 yuan RMB, among which were 34 projects at the provincial-ministerial level and up with a total fund of 15,990,000 yuan RMB.  Moreover, the lab obtained a key project from China's National Natural Science Foundation, which served as a milestone in the development of the lab. It published 116 scientific papers, 90 of which were categorized as SCI papers, including 5 Section I papers, 25 Section II papers, and 38 Section III papers. It was authorized for 12 patents in China, and won 1 First Prize in Guangxi Natural Science. All mentioned above helped to lay a good foundation for the future development of the lab. 

 Professor Liang Hong, the University President and Laboratory Director, spoke after listening to the reports, saying that the Key Laboratory had made gratifying successes in the year 2014, and had made an important breakthrough especially in the quantity of national projects and key projects; but in the meanwhile it remained away behind some national key laboratories. He reminded everyone present that in the plat-form construction of the Lab, we had to maintain a sense of progress, development, and urgency and try to keep forging ahead. In the era of rapid development and change in science and technology, we had to be strict with ourselves to keep raising the competency of each research team, to formulate a research orientation with clear-cut characteristics, and to build the Lab into a state-level laboratory capable of solving major scientific problems and cultivating high-level scientific talents. 

 In the report sector, 17 researchers presented their academic reports, briefing the progress in the research work they had made in the year of 2014, and sharing with one another their experiences in research. 

 In order to enhance the consciousness of participation of the students in the research team, an appraisal activity on the Student Poster Exhibition was organized to make it part of the conference. As a result, the students demonstrated their high enthusiasm and, after careful selection and elaborate planning produced 50 works of good academic quality and artistic visual design. First, Second, and Third Prizes were awarded accordingly after appraisal by experts from the Lab. 

 The annual academic conference has served as a platform for academic exchanges every year for the Key Laboratory to display its academic progress. In the past 7 years, the Lab has sponsored such an annual conference with a different form and constantly enriched contents each year, thus playing an important role in bettering the cohesion among each research project team in the Lab and raising the research capacity of the Lab as a whole.

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