GXNU Foreign Students and Foreign Teachers together ushering in the Chinese New Year

Office of International Exchanges

On the evening of February 13 when the Spring Festival of 2015 was drawing near, the GXNU Office of International Exchanges set a special feast at Xiyuan Restaurant to entertain the foreign students and foreign teachers who stayed at the university during the winter vacation. Around 100 foreign students and foreign teachers were present to enjoy the hot-pot feast, each to receive a Wang-Wang gift wrapped in red, and to experience the atmosphere of Chinese New Year together. 

 On behalf of the university, Vice-President Cai Changzhuo extended his festive greetings to the foreign teachers and foreign students present, wishing them good health, good luck, and great fun in the coming year of the Sheep. He also reminded them that they take good care of themselves, be aware of their personal safety and of their belongings. 

 It is said that, every year when the Chinese New Year was approaching the Office of International Exchanges would organize the international students and foreign teachers to get together for a dinner and performance. The Office would take into account of their different cultural backgrounds, and prepare varieties of food such as Muslim meal, vegetarian meal, etc. to accommodate their differences in culture and customs. So the foreign students and foreign teachers would feel at homer in China, and together with their Chinese friends celebrate the Chinese New Year. In addition, the staff of the Office would also introduce to them at the dinner tables some Chinese customs and habits so as to help them understand more about the Spring Festival and the Chinese culture as a whole.

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