GXNU Law School Professor appointed among the first legal counsel for Guangxi people's goverment

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At present, in order to promote the system of government legal counsel, to practice administration by law and to strengthen the construction of a law-based government, the People's Government of Guangxi announced the first list of government legal counsel. Among the counsel appointed was. Professor Chen Zongbo from Guangxi Normal University Law School. 

 On February 25, Professor Chen Zongbo was invited to attend the "Forum on the Construction of a Law-Based Government" held in Nanning and presided over by Chen Wu, Chairman of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Professor Chen Zongbo spoke at the forum regarding how to reinforce legal education and training to government office workers. He put forward that the legal education and training for government officials bear great significance and particular suggestions be made with regard to organization, contents, mode, and guarantees. His speech won recognition by those present at the forum.. 

 Chen Wu, Chairman of Guangxi People's Government, shook hands one by one with the legal counsel attending the forum, and awarded Letters of Appointment to Professor Chen Zongbo and the other 15 experts. He also expressed the hope that the legal counsel would be able to play an active role as advisors and assistants and, contribute their wisdom and ability to the construction of the law-based government in Guangxi. 

 This was said to be the first time for Guangxi to employ government legal counsel and set up a Legal Counsel Office for the Autonomous Region Government. Recently, the Autonomous Region Government printed and distributed a document "Proposals by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government for the Implementation of Further Carrying Out the Policy of Legal Administration and of Constructing a Law-Based Government". It was aimed at gradually setting up the system of government legal counsel throughout Guangxi autonomous region.

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