2017 Parent-Teacher Conference and Commencement Ceremony for International Students Held by GXNU

Lv Fang, Ning Yi

On the morning of June 16, the 2017 GXNU Parent-Teacher Conference and Commencement Ceremony for International Students were held in Yucai Campus of the GXNU. 57 overseas undergraduate candidates, 45 postgraduate candidates and 3 PhD candidates from 9 countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Denmark, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan) were ready to return home with degrees conferred. Over 100 parents from countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam also attended the commencement ceremony, as well as Vice President Su Guihua, Executive Vice Dean of Humanity School of Rangsit University, teaching representatives, staff representatives from the College of International Culture and Education, College of Humanity, College of Journalism and Communication, College of Design, and College of History, Culture and Tourism of GXNU.

 In his speech, Vice President Su Guifa extended his warm welcome to the parents coming all the way to Guilin, and his sincere congratulations to the overseas graduates, hoping that they could serve as the envoys of cultural exchange and bridge of friendship, to have more people learn about China, Guilin, and the GXNU, to make due contribution to the improved exchange between China and their countries.

 Mr. Liao Enxi, as the representative of the teaching staff extended his encouragement and good wish. As he mentioned, the graduates were all industrious and well-learned, and had made many friends here; and the teachers were all so pleased to see their growth. He hoped that after the graduates returned, they would still maintain a close contact with their alma mater.

 Li Zhaiyue, a master-degree holder and also a postgraduate student enrolled in 2014, returned to the GXNU, to give a speech, as a model alumnus. As a foreigner teacher with three-year experience at the Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities, he shared his reflection on his life: first, he learned how difficult to be a teacher after he worked as one; second, graduation did not mean end of learning, but another around of learning; third, life was about valuing time and having experiences, so one should value time and apply what he had learned to work so as to realize his potential.

 In the section of speeches from the parents of the overseas graduates, mothers of Chen Jingyu from Thailand, Liao Meihui from Indonesia, He Weiying from Vietnam, expressed how excited they were to be present at their children's commencement ceremony. They were proud of their children's graduation with honors and grateful to the GXNU for the happiness and achievement their children had gained.

 Bai Na from Kyrgyzstan, Yang Guang'en from Laos, Shuiyun from Thailand, representing the PhD candidates, postgraduate candidates and undergraduate candidates respectively, narrated their experience of studying at the GXNU, shared their reflection on their life, and expressed how unwilling they were to leave their alma mater.

 Then, Vice President Su Guifa conferred the 105 overseas graduates with diploma. After the commencement ceremony, the university leaders and the graduates and their parents took a group photo.

 On that afternoon, the Parent-Teacher Conference was held in Room 215 of the International Exchange Center on Yucai Campus of the GXNU. The teachers and parents had an opportunity to discuss face to face about educating their students, in a warm and active atmosphere.


Up to now, the GXNU has held the Parent-Teacher Conference for 6 times, aiming at better educating the overseas students and innovating international education modes. The conference gathered sources of many sections, to promote the exchanges among the university, students and their parents, and the cooperation between the university and the parents in educating the students, which serves as a constructive endeavor to elevate the internationalized education of the GXNU.

 Speech by Mr. Liao Enxi, Representative of Chinese teachers 

 Speech by Li Zhaiyue, from Indonesia as Representative of Master-Degree Holders 

 Speech by Chen Jingyu, a Postgraduate Representative from Thailand 

 Speech by Mother of HeWeiying, from Vietnam 

 Speech by Mother of Liao Meihui, from Indonesia 

 Vice President Su Guihua Conferred Overseas Students with Diplomas 

 Site of GXNU Parent-Teacher Conference 

 Group Photo                 

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