Opening Ceremony for 2017 Training Course for "Certificate in Teaching Chinese Language and Culture Education" Held by GXNU

Lv Fang, Yu Wanyang

The Opening Ceremony for the 2017 Training Course for "Certificate in Teaching Chinese Language and Culture" was held in Yucai Campus of GXNU on August 11, 2017. This ceremony was chiefly sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council, and organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the GXNU. On site present were Vice President Su Guifa, staff representatives from the Office of International Exchange of GXNU and 30 trainees from 11 countries (China, the UK, the US, France, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan).

 At the opening ceremony, Vice President Su Guifa made a speech to extend his warm welcome to the 30 trainees coming all the way to the GXNU. He also introduced briefly the history of the GXNU and international exchange, and the achievement of the university in teaching Chinese language and culture overseas. He made a detailed explanation about the schedule of this training course and expected the trainees to achieve great results through this training experience.

 Then, representatives of the trainees gave speeches. First, Ms. GuoXiaochuan from America talked about her experience of teaching American primary students Chinese. Since there was an article about Guilin in the textbook, she hoped that she could take this opportunity to feel Guilin by herself so as to share her first-hand experience with her students. Ms. Huang Shizhaoyuan from Vietnam and Ms. Huang Jingping from Thailand were both alumnae of the GXNU (enrolled in 2008 and 2013 respectively). In their speech, they expressed how grateful they were to their alma mater and hoped that they could further improve their Chinese cultural literacy and their Chinese teaching skills. Ms. Ye Xiuyun from Indonesia and Mr. Chen Maolong from Cambodia expressed their appreciation for the thoughtful arrangement of the university and their determination to work hard, to improve their understanding about teaching theories and their teaching skills, so as to make a due contribution to the teaching of Chinese language and culture.

 Ms. Tang Shiyao, as the representative of the trainers, expressed her warm welcome to the trainees. She made a promise that all the teachers would work hard to prepare for the class and teach patiently, to create a fine learning atmosphere and environment, and to impart new knowledge and skills of Chinese teaching.

 After the conference, all the members took a group photo.

 Currently, the GXNU is the only Base for Teaching Chinese Language and Culture in Guangxi, under the State Council. The GXNU has held many activities such as "Journey to Seeking Root in China", summer camps, and Training Course for Teaching Chinese Language and Culture, with rich experience in teaching language and culture. The Training Course for "Certificate in Teaching Chinese Language and Culture" aims at training the overseas candidates to obtain the certificate, as a response to the development trend of teaching Chinese language and culture overseas. This training integrates training, examination and certification, with "basics of Chinese language", "Chinese teaching theories and methods", and "basics of Chinese culture" as three main dimensions of training, so as to help trainees improve their abilities and skills in teaching and managing, to help them meet the requirements of the certificate at a certain level, to be certified and also qualified as teachers of Chinese language and culture. This endeavor will improve the overall quality of the overseas Chinese language and culture teachers, and will also further promote the overall development of teaching Chinese language and culture overseas.


 Speech by Vice President Su Guifa 


 Speech by Ms. GuoXiaochuan, Trainee from US 


 Speech by Ms. Ye Xiuyun, Trainee from Indonesia 


 Speech by Ms. Huang Jingping, Trainee from Thailand 


 Mr. Huang Shizhaoyuan, Trainee from Vietnam 


 Mr. Chen Maolong, Trainee from Cambodia 


 Speech by Ms. Tao Shiyao, Representative of Trainers 


 Group Photo

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