Principal Delegation from Southern Thailand Visited GXNU for Training Program

Luo Ying

From October 9 to 18, the principal delegation from Southern Thailand paid a ten-day visit to GXNU for a training program on education and culture.

On the morning of October 11, 2017, the class-opening ceremony of the training program for principals from Southern Thailand was held in the Multi-Media Conference Room 215 of the International Education Exchange Center on Yucai Campus. Vice President Su Guifa was present at the ceremony and made a welcoming speech. Those present at the ceremony also included Dean Zhu Xiaomei of the Confucius Institute of Prince of Songkla University, Principal Ye Qinzhen of the primary school attached to GXNU, Director Ren Gehua of Office of International Exchange of Foreign Language School Attached to GXNU, persons in charge of the Office of International Exchange/ College of International Culture and Education, and 11 primary and middle school principals from Southern Thailand.

At the class-opening ceremony, the members watched the video of introducing GXNU; the Chinese students expressed their warm welcome by performing folk songs and dances. Vice President Su Guifa extended his warm welcome to the principals from Southern Thailand, on behalf of GXNU, and also introduced the GXNU briefly and the past exchange and cooperation between GXNU and Thailand. Then, he wished them a rewarding journey in Guilin. Dean Zhu Xiaomei and the Thai delegation head also made a speech to express their sincere gratitude to the hospitality of GXNU. The delegation had hoped that they would learn more about Chinese culture and management expertise of Chinese primary and middle schools during their training program in Guilin.

The GXNU specially arranged a variety of events for this delegation, including lectures on Chinese culture, lectures on Chinese elementary education, visiting Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, visiting Guangxi Ethnic Museum, visiting primary and middle schools in Guilin and Nanning cities, observing classes and inspecting the ecological environment of Li River scenic spot.  

This training project for principals from Southern Thailand is an important educational and cultural exchange project of diplomatic significance, under the guidance of the Hanban, with members selected by the Confucius Institute of Prince of Songkla University (co-built by GXNU) and received by GXNU. This project aims to have the primary and middle school principals gain a better understanding about Chinese elementary education through their own inspection and experience in China, so as to promote the spreading of Chinese in Thailand. Up to now, the GXNU has finished seven batches of such a project, which has made a positive contribution to the exchange and cooperation in the cultural and educational fields between China and Thailand. 


A group photo at the class-opening ceremony.

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