Prof. Dr. He Zubin Selected as "2017 Guangxi Cultural Scholar"

Zhang Tingting

Recently, Prof. Dr. He Zubin, also President of GXNU, was selected "2017 Guangxi Cultural Scholar (academic)" by the CPC Publicity Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

This selection of "2017 Guangxi Cultural Scholars" and "Four Batches Scholars" commenced in June, 2017, in a bid to carry out the spirits of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Sessions of CPC Central Committee, to apply into practice the key spirits of speeches and new country-governing concepts by President Xi Jinping, and also to respond to the publicity and culture talent deployment scheme of the Central Committee and Guangxi Party Committee.

The candidates under selection this time came from fields including education, press, publishing media, art creation, operation and management, specialized techniques and international communication. On the basis of democracy, opening, fairness and justice, in accordance to the publicity and culture talent deployment scheme of the Central Committee and Guangxi Party Committee, finally there were 10 candidates selected to be "2017 Guangxi Cultural Scholars" and "Four Batches Scholars," with three from the field of education.

The selected scholars are expected to provide intellectual support for the further development of Guangxi, especially for the quickened cultural progress of Guangxi and the building of "Three Ecologies" and the realization of "Two Constructions."

Prof. Dr. He Zubin is an expert in higher education. He has published 16 monographs. His representative works include "On Ecology of Higher Education," "On Development of Regional Higher Education," "On Quality of Higher Education," and "On University." He is the creator of the concept of "ecological carrying capacity of higher education" in China. He has published over 150 papers, many of which on authoritative journals such as "Xinhua Digest." He has won two national 2nd prizes, five provincial 1st prizes for higher education teaching achievement, as well as one 3rd prize in the Fourth National Educational Scientific Research Achievement Competition, two 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes, three 3rd prizes in the Guangxi Social Science Achievement Competition, and four 1st prizes in the Guangxi Educational Science Achievement Competition. He has presided over and completed over 20 projects sponsored by National Social Science Foundation and National Educational Science Planning Foundation. He has made great contribution to the development of social science and higher education theory and policy in Guangxi.


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