The establishment of Guilin Women/Sex research & training base at GXNU

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On the morning of March 6 when the International Women's Day was approaching, Wang Nan, Secretary of Guangxi Normal University Party Committee, and Shi Chunlian, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Guilin Municipal People's Congress, joined hands to unveil the inauguration of Guilin Women/Sex Research & Training Base at Guangxi Normal University, marking the establishment of, the co-founded institution between the university and Guilin Women's Federation. 

 Ding Jin, Accountant-in-Chief at Guangxi Normal University, spoke at the unveiling ceremony, saying that the establishment of the co-founded Guilin Women /Sex Research & Training Base was an important measure taken by the university to bring into full play its education and research sources in bringing up talented women. She hoped that the Base would take the initiative to explore and promote mutual support and cooperation among institution of higher learning, women organization, research institution, enterprise and social organization for their common goal. She was also in the hope that the Base would bring into play the superiority of the University's Education Development Foundation in terms of talents, disciplines, and other intellectual sources in the course of its construction and development. 

 Shi Chunlian, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Guilin Municipal People's Congress, pointed out in her speech that the Base co-founded by Guangxi Normal University and Guilin Women's Federation' would surely be able to promote exchanges and co-operations among scientific research institutes, institutes of higher learning, local government organs, and social organizations, to make greater efforts to further study the crucial and key issues affecting women's jobs and careers, to give an impetus to the innovative development of research, teaching, and course construction in relation to women and sexes, and to provide a broader horizon for the development of women's jobs and careers.

Over the years, Guangxi Normal University has attached great importance to the studies of sex culture and the construction of feminine courses by setting up the Women's Development Institute and offering the related courses. Among them, the  lecture series concerning the "Attainments of Female Students" were among those first excellent lectures selected for the video programs at the national level. In reliance on its Women Development Institute, the university has also made remarkable achievements in the scientific research, teaching and training in relation to sex culture, female education, women literature, protection of women and their social rights, and development of ethnic minority women. Wang Nan, Secretary of Guangxi Normal University Party Committee, stated when interviewed by the media that the related Base would do a lot more in the fields of women' training and research, curricular and disciplinary construction, social service, and exchange and cooperation, by coordinating the resources from both the University Education Development Foundation and the University Women Development Institute.   

 As is known, Guilin Women/Sex Research and Training Base will soon start a new program called "Happy Moms", which aims at helping mothers of children aged 0-3 and 3-6. The program will prepare courses in accordance with the respected age groups of the children, such as early childhood education training, habitual development planning, and etc.. In addition, such courses as tea ceremony, financial management, and jewelry and antique appreciation will possibly be provided for the participants to accommodate the needs of the increasingly better life.

A touring exhibition of paintings and calligraphic works by women was also held on the same day. Displayed on the tour were 110 pieces of paintings and calligraphic works by members of Guilin Research Society of Female Painters and Calligraphers and Guilin Women Calligraphy Association. The works on display drew the great attention of the visitors. Wang Nan, Shi Chunlian and the other leaders and distinguished guests concerned attending the unveiling ceremony also witnessed the touring exhibition. Thereafter, Shi Chunlian, accompanied by Wang Nan, visited the University's Exhibition on Teacher Education Achievements. 

 Qin Wei, Chairperson of Guilin Women's Federation, was present at the ceremony. Around 200 people, including those in charge of the related departments in the university, representatives from the relevant units in Guilin and from the strategic cooperation units, and teachers working for the Base joined in the day's activities. 


 1.  Wang Nan and Shi Chunlian joining hands to inaugurate the establishment of Guilin Women/Sex Research & Training Base. 

 2.  Ding Jin making a speech at the unveiling ceremony of Guilin Women/Sex. Research & Training Base.

 4.  Presenting authorization certificates to representatives from the strategic cooperation units of Guilin Women/Sex Research & Training Base. 

 5.  Wang Nan interviewed by reporters from China News and Guilin Evening News. 

 6.  Wang Nan, Shi Chunlian, and some distinguished guests standing in appreciation of the works on display at the Female Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Tour. 

 7.  Shi Chunlian, accompanied by Wang Nan, attending the Teacher Education Achievements Exhibition of Guangxi Normal University.

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