GXNU Winning Secretary Deng Jun met Tin Hing Sin, Chairman of Tin Ka Ping Foundation

Tan Yan

On December 20, Tin Hing Sin, Chairman of the Board of Tin Ka Ping Foundation and also eldest son of Mr. Tin Ka Ping led a delegation to visit GXNU. Secretary General Deng Jun and Sun Yuanjie Member of Standing Committee and Deputy President of GXNU received Mr. Tin. Huang Jieshan, former Secretary General was also present at the meeting.

First, Deng Jun expressed his welcome to Mr. Tin. During the meeting, Deng Jun introduced the history and specialties of GXNU, and elaborated the achievements and prospect of GXNU.

Deng Jun pointed out that the Tin Ka Ping Foundation had been a strong supporter for educational undertaking. Since its founding in 1982, it had been upholding the principle of "improving the quality of education through promotion of moral education, Chinese culture, and integration with world's civilization, as a contribution to our country." It devoted to funding education, medical treatment, health, entertainment, transportation and other affairs of social benefits, and had made outstanding contribution to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and moral education, to the progress of educational undertaking and to the realization of great Chinese Dream.

Deng Jun pointed out that Mr. Tin Ka Ping was a generous great man and very in favor of Guangxi's education. The Tin Ka Ping Education College of GXNU funded by Mr. Tin Ka Ping integrated functions of education, scientific research and conference, providing a wonderful environment for teaching, studying and researching.

Deng Jun hoped that Mr. Tin and his delegation's visit would further strengthen the common grounds between Tin Ka Ping Foundation and GXNU, in a bid to contribute more to the promotion of moral education, spreading of Chinese culture, integration of world civilizations and thus improvement of Chinese education quality.

Mr. Tin Hing Sin recollected the hardship of his father in developing the business and his father's strong patriotism and firm educational ideal. He thought highly of the cooperation between the Foundation and GXNU. Mr. Tin Hing Sin mentioned that he had responsibility to promote his father's undertaking of funding education. He hoped to further strengthen the cooperation with GXNU, to build together a better platform for the progress of education in Guangxi.

Huang Jieshan was the major promoter and witness of GXNU's cooperation with the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. He had a close relationship with Mr. Tin Ka Ping. At the meeting, Huang Jieshan introduced his experience of knowing Mr. Tin Ka Ping. Through his introduction, the participants learned how Mr. Tin Ka Ping cared about education, how he kept his words, how he treated others with modesty and generosity.

Sun Jieyuan hosted the discussion and introduced the achievements of the Tin Ka Ping Education College.

The person in charge of Tin Ka Ping Foundation introduced some of the current projects of the Foundation and the future plans.

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation had an extensive and in-depth cooperation with GXNU. Besides the Tin Ka Ping Education College funded by Mr. Tin Ka Ping (6 million RMB donation), the Foundation also jointly worked with GXNU to launch multiple projects such as Guangxi Kindergarten Leaders' Training Program, Yizhou City Senior High School Backbone Teachers' Information Technology Skill Training Program and so on.


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Speech by Secretary General Deng Jun


Speech by Mr. Tin Hing Sin


Prof. Huang Jieshan Recalling Mr. Tin Ka Ping


Vice President Sun Yuanjie hosted the meeting

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