President of GXNU Made an Official Visit to Mr. Romana, the Philippine Ambassador of China


In the morning of 22 May, He Zubin, the president of Guangxi Normal University (GXNU), visited Mr. Romana, the Philippine Ambassador of China, in the Philippine embassy in Beijing after receiving an invitation. The visit was meant to negotiate the publishments of both the Chinese and a English version of Kuizhang -- the 600th Anniversary of Su Lu's Visit to China, and the cooperation between GXNU and Philippine Universities. 

According to Mr He Zubin, in order to comply with the 38th term issued by China-Philippine Joint Declaration in October 2016. Both parties should attach the importance of people-to-people contacts and exchanges. GXNU would like to make efforts to hold related commemorative activities. 2017 was the year of the 600th anniversary of Su Lu's visit (Philippine) to China. After GXNU Press Group positively prepared and published the work Kuizhang. The birth of Kuizhang brought plenty of comments from society. Both, People's Daily and Guangming Daily, as the two main Chinese Media, made positive comments on it. The Chinese version of Kuizhang was published first and was contributed to the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Su Lu's visit to China and the exchanges between the two countries. The English version will be published in June 2018. Some related Philippine publishers can make efforts to promote the publication of Kuizhang as well and to hold some commemorative activities. In addition, Mr He Zubin also introduced the fruits of cooperation between GXNU and Philippine universities of recent years. 

According to Mr. Romana, the Chinese version of Kuizhang witnessed the precious friendship of China and the Philippines, and thus Su Lu's historical achievement is well-known to everyone. The Philippine’s side will certainly help with the promotion of the English version of Kuizhang and establish an even better cooperation between Philippine universities and GXNU in areas of talent cultivation and educational training. 

During the conversation, Mr. Romana was impressed by knowing historical details of Su Lu's Visit from the deputy editor-in-chief of GXNU Press Group. 

After the conversation, Mr He Zubin gave Mr. Romana the Chinese version of Kuizhang as a present.

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