The President of Hanoi Normal University of Sport Visited GXNU

Luo Xianrong

Between 22 May and 24 May the President and party secretary of Hanoi Normal University of Sport, Mr Ruan Weijue and his colleagues, visited Guangxi Normal University (GXNU). 

In the morning of 24 May the welcome ceremony was held in the Room 201 of International Education Center at Yucai Campus. Mr Deng Jun, the secretary of the Party committee of GXNU, attended the welcome ceremony and gave a speech. Members of the GXNU Party Committee Office, the Secretariat of Alumni Association, the College of Physical Education as well as the Office of International Exchanges/College of International Culture and Education attended the ceremony. 

During the welcome ceremony, Mr Deng Jun, on behalf of GXNU, expressed his welcome greetings to Mr Ruan Weijue’s visit and congratulated him on his tenure starting. Mr Deng Jun also introduced GXNU’s current situations and achievements as well as the cooperation history between GXNU and Vietnam universities/ institutions. 

Furthermore, Mr Ruan Weijue, expressed his gratitude towards GXNU’s hospitality. He also acknowledged that GXNU has successfully cultivated a great number of professional teachers and expressed his congratulations on the achievements that GXNU’s College of Physical Education already has made and its Physical Education, the first level of doctoral discipline. Hanoi Normal University of Sport is now reforming, but its weaknesses in physical education, high level talented students’ cultivation, feature specialty and degree levels are still obvious. Mr Ruan Weijue hoped to learn from GXNU’s successful practical experience to promote the development of Hanoi Normal University of Sport by establishing an even better and closer or a hand- in- hand cooperation with GXNU. 

Leaders of GXNU and Hanoi Normal University of Sport deeply discussed and exchanged ideas, in relation to training staff with master and doctoral degrees, and establishment of more cooperation in the field of physical education. GXNU will send experts to Hanoi Normal University of Sport to give lectures. In order to a good agreement both parties now will develop short term training programs of physical education and student exchange programs. 

During the stay, the delegation including Mr Ruan Weijue visited GXNU’s Wangcheng Campus and Yanshan Campus. They visited places such as the Vietnamese Memorial Hall, the Exhibition Hall of ASEAN Exchanges and Cooperation, the Thai Cultural Center and Indonesian Cultural Center.

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