Guangxi Normal University Has Consistently Ranked in the Top 20 for the Influence of Chinese Books Overseas Collection

On 22nd August, 2018, the research report on the influence of overseas collection of Chinese books for the year was issued at the 25th International Book Fair in Beijing. Out of a total of 100 outstanding publishers, Guangxi Normal University ranked 18th overall and 2nd among national higher education presses at the 2018 appraisal. There are 215 different books that have been published and placed in overseas library systems by Guangxi Normal University Press Group and, according to data, the Press Group has consistently ranked in the top 20 for five years, thereby resulting in it becoming one of the most well-represented presses at such appraisals.

For many years, Guangxi Normal University Press Group has devoted its efforts to producing academic research, protecting source materials, and publishing. Since 1993, GXNU Press Group has focused on publishing new and innovative literature on a range of topics, some of which have included the republican period, Sino-Japanese relations, and celebrity newsletters. Published material includes more than 200 topics and 3000 volumes. These books and published materials have been awarded the National Book Award, the China Book Prize, and the China Publishing Government Prize on numerous occasions. Recently, there were 6 projects that had been selected as supplemental projects of Shi San Wu National Key Publications Plan. These projects include “Compilation of the Manchu Language Archives of Xinjiang Province in Qing Dynasty,” “Chinese Anthologies of Poetry from Japanese Collections,” “Hong Kong Dunhuang Relic,” “Taixing Mountain Series of Documents from Handan College,” “Series of New China College Entrance Examination History,” and “Books of Guangxi History.” In addition, the Anthology of Manchu Literature of Harvard Yanjing Library, Harvard University" has been selected as the 2018 project to be funded by the People's Publishing Fund.

Guangxi Normal University Press Group also contributes to the international distribution of art and design, communicating with top-level artists and designers at home and abroad, and this has resulted in a brand called "Art Bridge" that expands academic influence and international outlook, while helping spread Chinese culture at the same time. The "Art Bridge" serves as a subproject of global integration and innovation management headed by Guangxi Normal University Press Group. By combining art, design, and technology, this subproject takes advantage of the One Belt One Road National Book Fair and International Book Fair to help promote Chinese ideas, Chinese Design, Chinese Artists and Designers, and Chinese Publishers all over the world. The subproject has already been a worldwide success.

During the 25th Beijing International Book Fair, Guangxi Normal University Press Group not only published more than 100 different influential books, but also held 5 different cultural events including "The Art Bridge – 2019 Annual Launch of Architecture in China Magazine" and "Strategic Signing Ceremony of ACC/Images/Guangxi Normal University Press Group (Shanghai) and Baidu • Know." The events certainly helped promote the international spread and influence of Chinese culture.

Beijing Foreign Studies University, along with Chinese Press and Media, jointly held the launch ceremony of the 2018 Research Report on the Influence of Overseas Collection of Chinese Books. Data retrieved from July 2018 showed that over 24,757 Chinese books – published by 520 Chinese mainland publishers – had entered the overseas library collection system. This research was based on data collected from the overseas library system, which tracks the global circulation of Chinese publications worldwide. The more internationally influential we are, the further Chinese publishers will go.

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