Guangxi Normal University Press Group Ranked Top 10 in Competence of Academic Publishing of Humanities and Social Sciences Among National Presses

On 23rd August, the publishing symposium for the book titled, Academic Publishing Research, was held in Beijing. As one of the most important research programs supported from the national fund of social science, the project had "Evaluation of Chinese Academic Book Quality and Competence of Academic Publishing" as its theme this year. The symposium announced that Guangxi Normal University Press Group ranked in the top 10 among the 101 academic press groups that were a part of the project in terms of its competence in academic publishing of the social sciences and humanities.

The participating press groups included 101 different academic publishing presses from all over China. The rankings were based on the ability to integrate publishing resources, process academic articles, promote academic resource marketing communication, show digital publishing capability, and publish international resources.

By shouldering the responsibility of bridging the gap between readers and books, Guangxi Normal University Press Group has maintained its focus of “Enlightening People and Inheriting Culture" for years now. Publishing good books is the spirit of the Press Group that prioritizes social benefits. There are many categories of books that have been published such as education, humanities and social science, rare and precious literature, architecture, literature and art, and children’s books. Not only has the Press Group published a large number of high-level academic humanities books, but it has also been awarded many honors such as the China Publishing Government Prize and the China Excellent Publications Award, enjoying a high reputation in academic and cultural circles at home and abroad. Many scholars regard Guangxi Normal University Press Group as the common spiritual home for the intellectual and academic community.

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