Professors of GXNU Were Awarded “the Distinguished Leaders Prize of MBA Colleges of China”.

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The 9th Annual Meeting of MBA Alliance’s Leaders of China was held by Zhengzhou University on October 24th. The theme was “New Modes and New Engines of the Creative Era”. More than 600 representatives1, scholars, entrepreneurs, officials, MBA/EMBA students of MBA colleges in eight subordinate alliances2 were invited. The host was the president of the Commercial College of Zhengzhou University.Chen Yichu (the 9th vice chairman of CPPCC of Henan) and Gu Jianquan (the director of Henan Development Research Center) delivered keynote speeches.     

Teachers and students of GXNU attended the meeting on invitation. We won three prizes: professor Lu Qi’an won the“Distinguished Leaders Prize of MBA Colleges of China” in 2015; student Xiao Dong won the “China MBA New Prominent 100”prize; part-time adviser—president Jiao Binglai won the“China Excellent MBA Adviser”prize. These achievements result from the joint efforts of all MBA members of GXNU, indicating that our school has a favorable style and conception of management. This approval reflects our influence and demeanor.


The theme of the Annual Meeting of Leaders was "New Modes and New Engines of the Creative Era". It focused on global economic changes and Chinese economic reform under new policies, and it aims to build a communication platform that can meet the demands of the development of MBA. Furthermore, it aims to establish the image of our MBA program and enhance its social influence, discover and excavate the younger generation of outstanding business talents within the MBA/EMBA programs (so that they can have the opportunity to communicate with contemporary outstanding entrepreneurs), to promote more cross-border cooperation, and finally to make great contributions to promote economic development.


1.The eight subordinate alliances in attendance were: 

The East China Alliance, South China Alliance, Central China Alliance, Northeast China Alliance, Northwest China Alliance, Southwest China Alliance, Beijing Alliance, and Tianjin & Hebei Alliance.

2.Notable representatives attending the include:

Zhang Weining: Vice governor of Henan

Zheng Yongkou: Secretary of the party committee of Zhengzhou University

Fan Hucheng: 10th chairman of China MBA Alliance

Yu Minhong: President of New Oriental Education Group

Chang Ye: Director of 7th MBA Alliance counselor committee of China

Wang Pu : Founder of Alliance PKU Management Consultants Ltd.



Lu Qi’an won the“Distinguished Leaders Prize of MBA Colleges of China”. ”



Jiao Binglai won the“China Excellent MBA Adviser”prize.


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