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Recently, the Vice Minister of Education Liu Limin came to our university for a school visit.

Schoolmaster Liang Hong, accompanied by the secretary of the party committee Wang Zhan, as well as vice schoolmasters Zhong Ruitian and Li Chuanqi of Guangxi Normal University, and the vice minister of the Ministry of Education Liu Limin, walked along with the vice director general of the Department of Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education, Ge Zhenjiang, and the vice director general of the Department of Education in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Qin Bing, to pay an academic visit to the Xin Hua Science, Technology and Education Collaborative Innovation Platform(Xin Hua Platform for short), the Exhibition of Educational Achievements, as well as the Vietnam Campus Memorial Hall respectively.

In the Xin Hua Platform, the distinguished state-level teaching professor Luo Xingkai started a profile of the platform by illustrating its idea of education―the “Xin Hua Innovation practice”, by revealing exhibition boards that record all details of their educational achievements. Then in examination evaluation rooms, professor Luo introduced the time-tested, exam appraisal items and demonstrated the recently launched, real-life test paper with “green” approval. Ultimately, in the Inspiration Source R&D Center, researchers successively showed the group a whole bunch of their latest, fruitful efforts, such as: the Water Rocket Real-Time Height Measuring Feedback System, Compound Pendulum Waves, a Bicycle Power Generation Competition, Autoclave-Driven Steam Locomotive, among others. All of the inventions are brainchildren produced in the platform. After the he finished his introduction, Mr. Liu didn’t forget to personally enjoy the fancy, steam locomotive in delight.

After a tour around Xin Hua Science&Technology Park, what caught the whole group’s eyes were pieces of models for experimental exploration such as: a Sounding Aluminum Bar Apparatus, a Fancy Cartesian Diver Hourglass, a Magic Coin-Eating Box, Level-Balancing Chess, a Balloon Windmill, as well as a Cleverly Controlled Steel Globe. Pretty but full of educational inspiration, these objects are sophisticatedly crafted from ordinary materials and are worth far more than what they were originally. Seeing many diligent students concentrating on their studies, Mr. Liu kept nodding with a smile. Satisfied with the work of Xin Hua Platform as well as the achievements realized through innovation and practice, Mr. Liu encouraged this new teaching model to be more widely spread so as to pour new vigor into the education revolution.

Well aware that teacher training serves as a traditional characteristic of our school, Mr. Liu appeared extremely interested when he was shown the latest, relevant fruits of their labors. From them, he learned the success of reform and innovation progressing in the field of teacher training. Upon hearing that nearly 47 percent of average, yearly graduates leave school to become a teacher, and that the cultivation of highly educated, normal university students is always put first, Mr. Liu couldn’t have been more proud. Wandering across Vietnam Campus Memorial Hall, Mr. Liu smiled at the sight of various precious historical materials, all of which are the testimony of a friendly, long-term relationship between China and Vietnam. He encouraged our school to consistently make the best use of superior training and lead the way in driving up educational interaction between Guangxi and the outside world in the days to come.

The tour to Wang Cheng campus gave Mr. Liu and his companions a clear picture of the campus’s condition from the past to today. When shown a collection of cultural treasures left by former prominent literati, calligraphers and painters, the whole group felt entranced with the spectacular accumulation of historical and cultural resources. “It must be the most beautiful campus I have ever seen!”said Mr. Liu when we saw him off.


Vice Minister Liu Limin with his companions were shown the Xin Hua Science&Technology Party(all illustrations shot by Zhang Tingting and Chen Yuanyuan)


Vice Minister Liu Limin with his companions were shown the fruits of teacher education in our school’s exhibition center 


Vice Minister Liu Limin with his companions were shown the Vietnam Campus memorial hall in our school


Vice Minister Liu Limin with his companions were shown the Wang Cheng College of Our college.


Vice Minister Liu Limin with his companions were shown the Imperial Examination Centre

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