On Applying for Japan Ritsumeikan University 2015-2016 Fall Semester Exchange-student Program Scholarship


Recently, Ritsumeikan University, our partner university in Japan, sent a letter to notify that the 2015-2016 Fall Semester Exchange-student Program had entered into the registraion stage.

(Please refer to the Notice in this column on March 4th.Link: http://www.gxnu.edu.cn/tzgg.do?id+142543343237054945&portleid=132221864295482201 )

The deadline for the IJL scholarship is March 13. All the materials necessary for application should be due on that day. 

 I. Application Deadline: March 13, 2015 (Friday)

II.Materials for Application:

        1. Scholarship Student Application (in original with picture) issued by the Japanese government.
        2. Copy of your Residence Booklet.
        3. Student ID in original.
        4. Transcript in original; Please mark courses related to Japanese Language and Japanese Culture.
        5. Other related materials for application of SKP courses, including letters of recommendation by professors.

III.Links for Related Materials:


  1.  2015 Course Guide for IJL international students.

                http//www.ritsumei.ac.jp/file.jsp?id=186354 (in Japanese)
                http//www.ritsumei.ac.jp/file.jsp?id=186353 (in English)


  2.  2015 Admission Prospectus for Scholarship Foreign Students (IJL) .
                (Recommended by university).


  3. Details for Application..


  4. MONBUKAGAKUSHO Notification (IJP - University recommended)


  5. Application for Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) Scholarship.


  6. IJP for SKP in Ritsumeikan University.


    IV.  Contact Person:

            1.  Ms. Liang  -  person responsible for the program and consultation.
                Phone:  5839287
                Mobile:  18207730981
                QQ:     1736000653

            2.  Deadline of Application:  March 13, 2015-3-31

            3.  Place:  Room 109, Foreign language Building Yucai Campus, Guangxi Normal University

    As it is not far from the application deadline, students intending to apply for the program are requested to prepare for the necessary documents and materials at the soonest possible time and come to the office concerned for further consultation and application.