Application for Positions As Chinese Language Teaching Volunteers, Second Half of 2015


In accordance with the document by the State Office of Chinese Language Education "Letters on Recruiting Chinese Language Teaching Volunteers for the Second Half of 2015" (HANBAN [2015] No.97; see Appendix 1 for details), the Office is planning to recruit Chinese language teaching volunteers, 1049 from the Chinese partner institutions of Confucius Institutes to teach at the Confucius Institute classrooms overseas and 731 from various institutions in the country for general projects.. 

 I.   Information about Post:  For details, see Appendix 2 and Appendix3..

 II.   Qualifications for Applicants: Students to graduate in 2015 with a
Bachelor's Degree, graduate students at school, volunteers with overseas teaching experience, in-service teachers, or retired teachers.

 III.  Application Procedures:


1.  Log in Chinese Language Teaching Volunteers application system (, register a new user's account, and input the required information for online registration. Applicants for teaching Chinese in the United Kingdom are required to upload "British Application Form for Volunteers Teaching Chinese in the UK" ( See Appendix 4 for details.)


2.Compress both the Chinese and English versions of PDFs generated by the online application system, including the "Application Form for Volunteer Chinese Teacher" and "General Checklist of Volunteer Chinese Teacher" into one file and name it as "Destination Country + Applied Post + Your Name" (e.g. Thailand + General Volunteer + Zhang San), and send it to: .


3.Print out the Chinese and English versions of "Application Form for Volunteer Chinese Teacher" and "General Checklist of Volunteer Chinese Teacher", and sign as required; together with academic certificates and diplomas (or studying certificates for graduating students and in-school postgraduates), certificates of Mandarin Chinese Speech (PUTONGHUA) , certificates of foreign language competence and so on (in duplicate), and submit them to: Office of International Exchanges of Guangxi Normal University (Room 213, Foreign Language Building, Yucai Campus). 

 IV.   Deadline of Application and Submission:  5:30 PM  May 20, 2015


For more information on applicant qualifications, selection procedures,training, recruitment, dispatch, treatment, and other details, please check with:


Project Consultant:  Ms. Li Xiaoling (Alisa Ling)
         Phone:  0773-5857127