Security Notices for International students of Guangxi Normal University


In order to strengthen the safety education for international students of Guangxi Normal University, to maintain normal teaching and living order, to ensure students' personal and financial security, and to promote their physical and mental health, the security notices are instituted as follows:

1.Students are expected to adhere strictly to Chinese laws and regulations, the school rules and regulations as well as national customs, and to no involvement in any activities which endanger society and school stability and do damage to others' benefits.

2. Students are required not to do religious promotion, and host or involve in religious activities on campus.  

3. Students are allowed to participate in activities outside school under the conditions of approvals from leaders respectively in charge of international students affairs and Office of International Exchanges. Large-scale collective activities or assemblies must be reviewed first by the College then be permitted by the Office of International Exchanges. All students who take part in activities are required to comply with the relevant provisions.

4. When engaging in paid work or part-time work during the period of study, students with resident permit must inform teachers of International Students Administration Office, for institutions which only sign formal contracts with Guangxi Normal University can hire foreign students. If not, you are treated as illegal workers who will be forced to leave China once discovered by the police and then will not be allowed to stay in China to continue studies. One who has part-time work activities on campus should register at Office of International Exchange of Guangxi Normal University. During the period of study, please pay attention to the expiry date of your visa and one month before of which you go to International Students Administration Office for visa extension.      

5. During the period of study, the students are expected not to swim or take bamboo raft in waters such as Lijiang River, Taohuajiang River and so on. If swimming in a natatorium, you had better be accompanied by two others.

6. Students are expected to consciously learn all kinds of knowledge and skills of safety precautions, and enhance self-protection awareness of personal and property safety. Personal information such as credit card, bank card number and password should be taken well care of, and whenever being confronted with situations referring to transferring money or lending money, you should keep your head cool, extensively verify whether it is true or false information, do not believe the winning information sent by Network and SMS, and even not reply it in case of swindle.

7. Students should strictly abide by the apartment management provisions, properly keep your passports and other valuables, do not keep large amounts of cash in the dormitory, and lock doors as well as windows and cut off the power supply before leaving the dormitory.

8. Please don't copy the keys to the dormitory without permission or lend them to others.

9. Please don't damage, dismantle, or modify the facilities in dormitory building. Protect fire-fighting equipment.

10. Please ensure safe electrical operation. Please don't install power source, water source, and electric wire without permission. High-power electrical equipment is forbidden in dormitory. The cookers including water heater, electric stove, induction cooker, rice cooker, and electric food heater are forbidden to use in dormitory.

11. Electric heating appliances including electric kettle, electric cup, electric heater, electric iron, and etc. shall not be used without any supervision. Avoid charging the charges without any supervision or overcharge.

12. Please don't use open flame or store the appliances including gas cooker, kerosene lamp, spirit stove, candle, and etc. in dormitory.

13. No belongings shall be burned within the areas of student dormitory.

14. Don't possess inflammable and explosive articles without permission. No cigarette disposal. No firecrackers and fireworks.

15. Forbid the accommodation of outsiders and opposite sex in student dormitory.

16. Don't play high volume stereo or make noise within the areas of student dormitory.

17. Keep the classroom, dormitory, and other public places clean and tidy. Don't throw things out of the window.

18. No pet in student dormitory.

19. Please don't heap inflammable articles including wasted paper, plastic and drink bottle, clothes, and etc. in dormitory balcony, dormitory corridor, and emergency exit. No bicycle and electric bicycle parking in the above places.

20. Don't drive motor vehicles including motorbike, automobile, and etc. without driving license.

21. Students should observe the traffic regulations. Walk on the sidewalk or right-hand side; use crosswalk when crossing the road; and do not stop to talk or answer and make any call on the road.  

22. During travel, pay attention to the accident risks, such as flash floods, landslides and typhoons; and choose the regular, safe and reliable means of transport rather than the illegally operating or overloading vehicles and vessels or the ones without complete legal documents and ask for and keep the invoice.

23. Students must not involve in intemperance, fight, theft, gamble, drug taking, drug trafficking, whoring and prostitution and other illegal activities; store any kind of controlled knife or other hazardous materials in dormitory. And drug producing, drug trafficking and drug abuse are prohibited.

24. Students shall pay attention to personal diet hygiene and to learning dietary health knowledge. Dine and purchase food at canteens, restaurants and shops with hygiene permit.

25. Students shall strictly comply with the rules of asking for and terminating the leave. Students, who must go out for some reason or cannot go to class for illness, must ask teacher for leave and shall not leave school without approval. Students who may stay at school during vacation shall perform registration procedure and follow the regulations for students at school.

26. Once finding schoolmate getting acute disease, affraying, causing injury accidents, leaving school without permission or performing abnormal behavior, students shall report to the college, student administration office or school security office immediately for real-time processing.  

27. In accordance with the relevant provisions, the international students must purchase personal accident insurance during studying in China.

28. When replacing the personal mobile phone number, students shall inform the parents, families, schoolmates, and teachers in the Office of International Exchanges who are responsible for international students in the first time and contact with families regularly to make them not worry about their loved ones.

29. Students shall follow the school work-rest schedule strictly. Students shall be back to dormitory before 22:30 and not go out after 24:00. Without specific reason students must not stay late out or stay out all night.

30. Students must not live off-campus without approval.

Useful Emergency Call:
1. Fire alarm 119
2. Alarm (Police) 110
3. Medical First Aid 120
4. International Education and Exchange Center Reception  5826508  5826590
5. International Students Administration Office 5839287

Office of International Exchanges, Guangxi Normal University