Safety Notice for 2021 Winter Vacation of GXNU



 Safety Notice for 2021 Winter Vacation of GXNU


 Dear International students,


 The winter vacation for this semester will start from January 16, 2021 to March 2, 2021. The information and safety notice concerning the 2021 winter vacation are as follows.


 Students must abide by Chinese laws, university regulations and dormitory rules.


 Since it’s still in the epidemic prevention and control period, please pay attention to personal protection, do not gather in group on-campus and minimize outdoor activities. Students are not allowed to leave Guilin city if unnecessary. In case of emergency, students are required to ask for leave to teachers of Office of International Students and fill in the application for leave on Xiaojingtong, Wechat official account. With permission of the teachers, students could leave Guilin. Students who have been to medium or high-risk areas in China are required to take nucleic acid test at students’ own expense before returning to the university.


 Do not do any religious promotion, and host or involve in religious activities on campus. Students could attend religious events in churches outside campus.


 Please use electricity in a safe and legal way. Please don’t install power source, water source, and electric wire without permission. High-power electrical equipment is forbidden in dormitory. Electric heating appliances including electric kettle, electric cup, electric heater, electric iron, and etc. shall not be used without any supervision. Please don’t use open flame or store the appliances including gas cooker, kerosene lamp, spirit stove, candle, and etc. in dormitory.  


 All visitors should register at the reception of International Education Center ② or security office when entering the building. Students are not allowed to keep visitors overnight in the dormitory and it is forbidden to stay overnight in the room with the opposite sex.


 Students shall follow the school work-rest schedule strictly. Students shall be back to dormitory before 23:00 and not go out after 24:00. Without specific reason students must not stay late out or stay out all night.  


 If you have the symptoms as fever, cough, fatigue, etc, please inform teachers of Office of International Students as soon as the case happens to you.


 During winter vacation, all international students who are in China shall clock in on Xiaojingtong every day.


 Students should observe the traffic regulations. It is prohibited to drive scooters on campus and drive motorcycles and cars without driving license.


 Hope all of you enjoy winter vacation!

 急用常用电话(Useful Emergency Call):

 1.火警(Fire alarm) 119     2.报警(Alarm)110     3.医疗急救(Medical First Aid)120

 4.国际文化教育学院办公室(Office of College of International Culture and Education)5857127