Notice on Labor Day


April 22nd, 2021

Dear allinternational students,


According to theregulations of our university, the information concerning the holiday of LaborDay is as follows:

1.Labor Day will start from May 1st to 5th. April 25 (Sunday) will followthe class schedule of May 4 (Tuesday). May 8th (Saturday) will follow the classschedule of May 5th (Wednesday). Please make sure to return to your classes on May6th (Thursday).

2.During the epidemicprevention and control period, in order to ensure the safety of allinternational students, please do not leave the campus without permission. Incase of emergency, please ask the teachers of the Office of InternationalStudents Affairs for leave.

3.Make sure to lockthe windows, drawers and doors before you leave. Check the water andelectricity before leaving the dorm.

4.During the holiday,all the students are expected to reduce the COVID-19 exposure risks to theminimum level. Under the condition that outdoor activities are unavoidable foryou, please make sure to follow the requirements of Chinese government and our university.Wear face masks in public places, and avoid going to crowded areas. Don't swimin the river or lake and don't drive the car or motorcycle without Chinese drivinglicenses.



Wish all of you ahappy holiday!

Office of International Cooperationand Exchanges

Guangxi NormalUniversity