Overseas Partners are Taking Actions

GXNU’s overseas partners have sent letters and messages to express their support during the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Doctor Niwat Keawpradub, president of Prince Songkhla University, expressed deep concern about China’s epidemic outbreak and high appreciation for the measures GXNU took in fighting against COVID-19 in his letter to Mr. He Zubin, president of GXNU. He stated that under the guidance of powerful measures taken by the Chinese government coupled with the unity of the Chinese people, the epidemic was bound to be effectively controlled and China was bound to recover very soon.

Xian Jishan, president of Hanseo University, said in his letter to GXNU: “COVID-19 is terrible, but people’s will is stronger. We sincerely hope that all staff and students of GXNU keep in good health both physically and psychologically by strengthening personal protection and relieving mental stress while fighting against COVID-19. Difficulties will eventually pass and we are bound to win this “war without smoke”.” In addition, our cooperative partners – Suncheon University, Tunku Abdul Rahman University, and Glyndwr University have also sent us letters of support. Xie Lieqiang, Thailand’s Chinese school board representative, sent a video made by teachers and students of sise jufu qiaonan expressing their best wishes.

We are greatly moved by the concern and support of those far and near. This is a reflection of true friendship.

Letter of Consolation from Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand

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