Course name: English Speaking II——Course Teacher: International Teacher – Lucas Petrakis

1. Class Organization
Lucas uploaded lecture videos through Tencent’s cloud services and also assigned group and individual work to us every week. He checked homework in a timely manner and commented on things we could improve via voice messages, pointing out individual pronunciation and grammar mistakes, while also providing general feedback and correct answers.

2. Various Forms of Homework to Promote Initiative
Lucas assigned group and individual work every week. Individual work included everything from constructing sentences to maintaining weekly journal entries so as to consolidate learning. Group work included painting, story relay, drama presentation, and sketch performances, among others, with the aim of practicing real life skills. Various forms of homework sparked our interest in, and increased our expectations for, the online classes. Different kinds of group work further cultivated our creative ability, cooperation, and communication ability.

3. Concise Course Content To Aid Students’ Understanding
Although it’s an online course, Lucas made sure he covered major concepts. His videos were clear and concise, making it easier for us to grasp key language points within a short time. Furthermore, his video classes did a fantastic job in replicating the classroom environment, thereby helping us constantly think about and practice our English language skills even while we were home.

4. Patient After-class Explanation Helping Students Better Understand Their Mistakes
Lucas was attentive and thorough while grading homework and he gave instant feedback to every student. He would first point out improper intonation, grammar mistake, and pronunciation error in each sentence, and then give correct answers with great patience. Lucas’ careful and patient explanation helped us realize what we could improve and  correct immediately.


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