Notice on the National Day

Dear international students,

According to the regulations of our university, the arrangements of the National Day Holiday are as follows:

I. Holiday Schedule

The National Day Holiday will start from Oct. 1st (Saturday) to 7th (Friday). To facilitate a longer holiday, Oct. 8th (Saturday) and Oct. 9th (Sunday) will follow the class schedule of Oct.6th (Thursday) and Oct.7th (Friday) respectively. Please make sure to return to your classes on time.

II. Warm Reminders

1. Follow the latest requirements on epidemic prevention of our university and pay attention to personal health protection.

2. Do not leave Guilin unless necessary. Those plan to leave Guilin must get approved by the Office of International Student’s Affairs in advance.

3. Keep indoor air circulation and room clean. Please make sure that you have closed doors and windows and turned off the water and electricity before leaving.

4. Improve anti-fraud awareness. Do not click into unfamiliar links, fill in bank accounts, passwords, verification codes and other personal information.

5. In case of emergency, please contact teachers in the Office of International Student’s Affairs.  


Wish all of you a joyful holiday!

Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges

Guangxi Normal University

September 27th, 2022

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I. Admission Office

Zhang Xi, Section Chief of International Admissions
Responsible for the planning, promotion, organization and coordination of admissions and cooperation projects.

Xie Hailing, Staff

Responsible for Chinese Goverment Scholarship,Guangxi Normal University President Schoalrship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Liu Meimei, Staff
Responsible for International Chinese Language Scholarship and Guangxi Government Scholarship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Tel:0086-773-5821163(International) 0773-5821163(Domestic) 
Fax:0086-773-5850305(International) 0773-5850305(Domestic)

II. International Student Management Section

Luo Shiqing, Section Chief of International Student Management.

III. Foreign Affairs Section

Lan Shan, Teacher Affairs Secretary
Responsible for recruitment, visa application and management of international Staff.

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