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1. Guilin is the best place I've ever been to. Leaving Guilin for one day seems like having left here for a year.

--Jin Cheng (Cambodia)

2. From now on, I regard Guilin as my hometown.

--Yang Qi (Pakistan)

3. Things are going well here in Guilin. Life is convenient and the dormitory is good. I have made a lot of friends here. They are all very kind-hearted and we have a really good time together in China. Teachers here are really nice and they help me solve any problems I meet.


4. My life in Guilin is really great. I can have interesting classes after I get up in the morning. I have many good friends to practice Chinese with everyday. I really like Guilin very much.


5. I find it amazing to study in Guangxi Normal University. The teachers are passionate in class and the classmates are united.


6. I'm having a really good time studying in Guangxi Normal University. The advantages are as follows:
First, I can communicate with many foreign friends.
Second, teachers here teach very well.
Third, the environment is clean with little pollution.


7. I think life and studies in Guilin are really good, especially in Guangxi Normal University. I have had a really good time here. I made a lot of friends and gained an understanding of Chinese culture. Thanks.


8. I have been studying in Guilin for three years. Therefore, I am familiar with many aspects of Guilin. However, I feel sad for I am going to leave this beautiful city and my dear school. The wonderful memories here will never fade away from my mind.


9. Having been living and studying in Guilin, China for a time, I find that the environment and studying conditions here are really good. During this year studying and living in Guilin, I have made a lot of foreign friends, and the native friends who I've made here have helped me to improve my Chinese tremendously. In the future, I hope I can continue to get help from my teachers and friends to make my life and studies more meaningful. Thanks!


10. I have been studying in China for nearly one year. Guilin is a place with many tourist attractions. I really appreciate the scenery and fine weather in Guilin. Additionally, Chinese people are very warmhearted.

--CHEM-VASWA (Cambodia)

11. Dear teachers,
I have spent a wonderful year studying in Guangxi Normal University. Under the guidance of my teachers, I have obtained much knowledge and my Chinese level has improved a lot. With the help of my Chinese and foreign friends, I know more and more about Chinese culture, which has left a deep impression on me.
I hope that I can gain much more in the upcoming two years of study in Guilin.


12. I am a foreign student from Vietnam, and I have been studying in Guangxi Normal University in Guilin for nearly two and a half years. I really appreciate this university for it's a university with a long history, good teaching quality, beautiful scenery and warm-hearted teachers. Studying in GXNU enables me the great opportunity to make friends with students from various countries.


13. I have been studying in Guangxi Normal University for one year and a half. I feel very happy to make friends with foreign students and meet the teachers and friends here. In addition, the sceneries in Guilin are extremely beautiful. Thanks.


14. Dear teachers,
I have been studying in Guangxi Normal University for one year. Teachers here are passionate and they give every lecture carefully. The teachers treat every student equally without discrimination. What's more, I really like Guilin for its climate, city design, and citizens.

--TRAN THI GIANG (Vietnam)

15. I have been studying in Guilin for nearly nine months. Even if it often rains, I still like to attend class because the campus is really beautiful.


16. I applied to study at GXNU because I like Guilin and Guangxi Normal University. In Guilin, the scenery is beautiful, the weather is fine, and people here are full of enthusiasm. The teachers in our university are very good and warm-hearted.

--DAM CHI TIEN (Vietnam)

17. I like Guilin. The weather in Guilin is fine. I love Guangxi Normal University. Living in GXNU makes me feel at home.

--VU HOAI HUNG (Vietnam)

18. I have been in Guilin for about a year and I have gradually adapted to the life here. The scenery in Guilin is really beautiful. I have been studying Chinese in Guangxi Normal University for about one year. I think it's a great opportunity to study Chinese here. The teachers and classmates help me to improve my spoken Chinese. My Chinese has improved. Many thanks to the teachers and students here!

--SRENG SAVATEY (Cambodia)

19. I am an international student from Vietnam majoring in Chinese. I've been at Guangxi Normal University for almost three years. I think this university is really good, and I have received much help and support from my teachers and classmates. I really appreciate GXNU.


20. I have been studying Chinese here for almost seven months. The weather in Guilin is totally different from that in my country. Recently, I have adapted to the weather here. The scenery in Guilin is amazing. The teachers are passionate in class.


21. After studying in Guangxi Normal University, I find it's a university with good school spirit and a sound environment for studying. The warm-hearted teachers and administrative staff have made me feel at home. I like Guilin for the fine weather, beautiful scenery, and kind citizens.

--DOAN THU HA (Vietnam)

22. It's really interesting to study here and the teachers in our university are very good. I am very happy to study here.


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