Tuition & Fees
I. Fees (all fees in CNY)

1.Free Registration Fee

2.Tuition Fee

广西师范大学学历专业信息(Specialty Catalogue)PDF版.pdf

3. On-Campus Housing

There are four different types of on-campus housing. On-campus shared housing fees are 1,200-2,600/semester or 2,400-5,200/year.

4. Other Costs (To be covered by students themselves)

1) Textbooks:~300

2) Physical examination:~300

3) Visa: ~400

4) Accident insurance: ~800/year

II. How to Apply

1.Please visit the website: click APPLY NOW.

2.Please send us application materials via email:

3.Students who have sufficient basic knowledge of Chinese can apply at any time. Other students should apply prior to the start of a new semester.

4.If you need our help for a visa, please apply at least two months in advance.

5.Students applying for Training Programs, Short-Term Chinese Language and Culture Programs, and Study-Tour Programs can apply at any time and will be placed in an appropriate class.

III. Contact Us

Tel: 0086-773-5821163

Fax: 0086-773-5850305


School Website:

Address: Room 214, International Building Center, Yucai Campus, Guangxi Normal University, No. 15 Yucai Road, Guilin, Guangxi, P.R.China, 541004


Contact Us

I. Admission Office

Zhang Xi, Section Chief of International Admissions
Responsible for the planning, promotion, organization and coordination of admissions and cooperation projects.

Xie Hailing, Staff

Responsible for Chinese Goverment Scholarship,Guangxi Normal University President Schoalrship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Liu Meimei, Staff
Responsible for International Chinese Language Scholarship and Guangxi Government Scholarship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Tel:0086-773-5821163(International) 0773-5821163(Domestic) 
Fax:0086-773-5850305(International) 0773-5850305(Domestic)

II. International Student Management Section

Luo Shiqing, Section Chief of International Student Management.

III. Foreign Affairs Section

Lan Shan, Teacher Affairs Secretary
Responsible for recruitment, visa application and management of international Staff.

Tel: 0086-773-5857127(International)  0773-5857127(Domestic)
Email:gxsdwsk@gxnu. e

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