Foreign Teachers Wanted

Job Title: Language Teachers (English) and Subject Teachers in English

Employer: Guangxi Normal University (GXNU)

Location: Guilin

School Description: Guangxi Normal University, located in the world-famous historical and cultural tourism city of Guilin, has grown into a nationally renowned comprehensive university, featuring distinctive teacher education, well-developed basic science and arts disciplines, and active international exchanges.  

Job Description: 

International Staff play a key role at Guangxi Normal University(GXNU). GXNU is revolutionary in many ways including hiring an American as Director of International Staff and providing consistent work support training to its international staff. Teachers here teach English, Japanese, Korean, Western history, Culture, Novels, Business, Economics, Communication and other possible subjects. GXNU teachers are not only involved in teaching but also join in other activities such as a foreign language corner, Chinese classes, cultural seminars, countryside trips, and preparing students for English and other contests. The international staff enjoy variety in their careers and contribute to build a culturally rich campus life.  

Entry Requirements:

Candidates should have (be) 

1.A bachelor's degree or above from a recognized university, or the equivalent thereof

2.At least two years of teaching experience with good communication skills; those who have no two-year English teaching experience, he or she must possess a 120-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate. He or she should also possess a strong sense of responsibility, be a team player, and should not have bad habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction, or selfishness. 

(Remark: For English language teachers, we would prefer candidates from English speaking countries with a degree in English, or business or with business teaching experiences.)


Salary Chart
Base Education DegreeLess than 3 yrs teaching experience(MORE THAN 2 YRS)Minimum 3  yrs academic Teaching at high school or aboveAt least 9 yrs academic teaching at high school or aboveDegree in language or literature)
BA, or any undergraduate degree5500RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB
MAdegree6000 RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB
PhD6500 RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB+500 RMB
For those who returning for an additional year, 50 RMB/Month will be added to his/her salary package.The maximum salary offered by GXNU is 8000 RMB/Month.

Airfare: 8000 RMB for finishing a full year contract

The normal teaching workload is 16 periods per week. Each period is 40 minutes. We will pay an additional 100 RMB for each period over 16 each week. Moreover, we will cover all costs for visa and health Check in Guilin within contract. For the new comers who signed a year long contract with us, we will provide a 1000 RMB settling-in fee when you arrive for the first time. Accident insurance and critical illness insurance in mainland China are provided by GXNU.


We will provide a free private, furnished apartment including a bedroom, living room, kitchen, a balcony, western toilet, air conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, wardrobe, desk and other common household facilities. We also offer you 100 KW/H of free electricity and 10 m3 of living water each month. 

Required documents: 

1. CV (Name/Gender/Nationality/Birth Date/ Home Address/Contact details/Religion ands so an) in English 

2. A recent digital passport photo with white background 

3. A scanned copy of your passport (valid for six months at least)

4. Proof letters of your related working experience from your former employers. It should include your position, working time, job description and signature from the former employer or the stamp of the company, and contact information(Phone number or email).

5. A scanned copy of your last diploma (bachelor/master/doctor degree)

6. Notarization of your last diploma (You should get the notarization from Chinese embassy or consulates in your country, or you can get it from the embassy or consulates of your country in China, or the notary organization of China.)

7. A copy of 120-hour TESL (if you apply for English teaching position without two-year teaching experience)

8. Notarization of non-criminal Records in your country or the last country (except China) you have lived for more than one year. The records should be given by the police station, security office or court and also it should be notarized by Chinese embassy or consulates. 

9. A copy of the protocol or contract.

10. The specific place of the Chinese embassy or consulates you plan to apply for Z visa

11. A copy of Health Examination (use the official health form provided by Chinese government.)

12. If your family member comes to China with you and need to apply for visa together, prepare a copy of his/her passport and the proof of your relationship, which should be authenticated by Chinese embassy or consulates in your country.


Yaoheng Chen (Vice Dean)      

Room 105, Foreign Language Building

Guangxi Normal University

No. 15 Yucai Road 

Guilin, China, 541004 

Phone: 0086-773-5809819

Fax: 0086-773-5850305


Stella  Xie (Teacher Affairs Secretary)

Room 213, Foreign Language Building

Guangxi Normal University

No. 15 Yucai Road 

Guilin, China, 541004 

Phone: 0086-773-5857127

Fax: 0086-773-5850305


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Contact Us

I. Admission Office

Zhang Xi, Section Chief of International Admissions
Responsible for the planning, promotion, organization and coordination of admissions and cooperation projects.

Xie Hailing, Staff

Responsible for Chinese Goverment Scholarship,Guangxi Normal University President Schoalrship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Liu Meimei, Staff
Responsible for International Chinese Language Scholarship and Guangxi Government Scholarship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Tel:0086-773-5821163(International) 0773-5821163(Domestic) 
Fax:0086-773-5850305(International) 0773-5850305(Domestic)

II. International Student Management Section

Luo Shiqing, Section Chief of International Student Management.

III. Foreign Affairs Section

Lan Shan, Teacher Affairs Secretary
Responsible for recruitment, visa application and management of international Staff.

Tel: 0086-773-5857127(International)  0773-5857127(Domestic)
Email:gxsdwsk@gxnu. e

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