Campuses Overview

1.The Gate of Wangcheng Campus

2.Path for the Prince: Laid over 600 years ago, the flagstone path is overgrown with moss in every crevice. As it is the central axis of the prince's mansion, the buildings on both sides are symmetrical.

3. School of Chinese Civilization: An antique classroom

4.Solitary Beauty Peak: The Solitary Beauty Peak is known as the "Great Southern Pillar" as well as the number one peak in Guilin.

5.Yueya (Crescent) Pool

6.Examination Hall: A location for imperial testing in ancient China.

7.City Wall: The best-preserved city wall built during Ming Dynasty in all of China.

1. Shaw Building: Built with Mr. Run Run Shaw's (a Honk Kong movie and tv tycoon) educational donation and constructed for mainland education.

2. Library in Yucai Campus: One of the oldest college libraries in Guangxi with one of the most extensive book collections in the province.

3. Monument of Vietnamese schools: Here you can witness the deep friendship and traditions between the citizens and governments of China and Vietnam.

4. International Students Apartments

5. Campus: A quiet corner of GXNU's campus

1.The Gate of Yanshan Campus

2.Confucius Square: Named after the Confucius statue erected in the center of the square. Activities are held here throughout the year, such as the commemoration of Confucius' birthday; the chanting of ancient Chinese civilization; the evening party to welcome the new year; and food festivals of various countries.

3. Athletic Stadium: This modern athletic field has played host to the Sixth Annual National Track and Field Tournament for Teacher's Colleges as well as the Fifteenth Annual National Collegiate Track and Field Tournament.

4. Library in Yanshan Campus: Located just inside the main gate of Yanshan Campus, the library is the biggest in all of Guangxi.

5. Cafeteria: The cafeteria provides a variety of dishes with local characteristics.


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