Love for China

Written by Tran Bich Phuong (Vietnam)

Two years and a half ago, I left my parents far away, and I travelled from Da Nang, Vietnam to pursue studies in Guilin, China. Three generations of my family have formed long and deep connections with Guilin, which contributed to my final selection of Guilin for my overseas studies.

My grandfather is a famous expert in Vietnam on classical Chinese literature. In 1954, as a "reserve talent" in the Vietnamese revolution and construction, he was sent to Nanning Yucai School, Peking University, Qingdao University, and Shandong University successively to study and research Chinese literature. He returned to Vietnam as one of a few professors who were experts on China. At present, even though he is 81 years old, he still devotes himself to the cultural and educational exchange between Vietnam and China.

During the Vietnamese War of Resistance against America, with the help of the Chinese government, the Vietnamese government sent some of the revolutionaries' children to China. My parents were among these revolutionaries.

At present, I follow the footsteps of my elder generation and ancestors to come to China and study in Guangxi Normal University. When my mother came to our university to visit me, she was surprised to find that this university is exactly where she and my father studied. She told me excitedly that this was the place where she studied and that the swimming pool and athletic field were the same. She clearly remembered one winter exercising and playing in the snow here. After thinking for a while, my mother told me a story about a Chinese grandma who knitted a sweater for her. My mom was still

My mother and I walked forward along the main street of the campus and arrived at the China-Vietnam Memorial Hall. When my mother saw the picture of President Ho Chi Minh smiling as he shook hands with Chairman Mao, she passionately told me that she still remembered clearly the moving scene in which Chinese and Vietnamese people stood on the both sides of the Beilun River waving to each other. Chinese people on the opposite side warmly welcomed the offspring of Vietnamese revolutionaries to come to China to study.

I have been studying in Guilin for more than two years. I already regard Guangxi Normal University as my second home. At this home, I get along really well with my teachers and friends. I have experienced both the extensive and profound Chinese culture and the friendship and sincerity of Chinese people. No matter where I go, I will remember Guangxi Normal University and remember my deep love for China.

Reflections of a Graduate

Written by Truong Tuan Giang (Vietnam)

I recently graduated from Guangxi Normal University's College of International Culture and Education with a degree in Business Chinese. How time flies! Having finished my four years of studying abroad, now I have to say goodbye to my dear teachers and my beautiful campus.

Today, I walked around the campus to appreciate the familiar scene of the roads, trees, classrooms, and dormitories for the last time. For me, they are all beautiful scenery, but they will not belong to me any more. However, standing in front of the scenic spots reminds me of the times I was rushing to the classroom with my classmates, listening to my teachers' classes carefully, answering my teachers' questions one after another, participating in competitions vehemently, and holding birthday parties happily.

A lot of emotions are rising in my mind. No words can express my mood properly. Time passes quickly. Soon I have to go back to Vietnam and enter the work force. I know that the future road might not be so smooth, and I may have to face a lot of difficulties. However, I also believe that due to the help of my teachers and my own unremitting effort, I am armed with solid theoretical knowledge, extensive professional knowledge, and a variety of abilities. I will properly apply what I have obtained during the past four years to face any challenges.

My School Life in Guilin

Written by Minamida Hirofumi (Japan)

I am an international student from Japan. After studying Chinese for a year in 2007-2008, I began to pursue graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Guangxi Normal University.

When I first came to Guilin, I couldn't speak any Chinese except for three simple greetings: "Nihao" (hello), "Xiexie" (thanks), and "Zaijian" (goodbye). In the next six months, many Japanese friends in the College of International Culture and Education helped me a lot, and I used to depend on my Japanese friends. Therefore, I spoke Japanese nearly everyday at first. As a result, my Chinese level saw little improvement then.

During the winter holiday, all of the Japanese students went back to Japan except me. At that time, I had to deal with everything on my own. When I was in trouble, many Chinese friends enthusiastically came to help me. I spent Spring Festival with a Chinese friend and his family. I was very happy everyday to stay with Chinese people. During that Spring Festival, my Chinese made obvious improvements.

From then on, I spent every Spring Festival in China. Chinese Spring Festival is very lively. Therefore, I really had a lot of fun during every Spring Festival.

In one and a half years from now I will finish my studies in Guilin. For me, I really treasure my school life here. I will study hard and communicate well with my teachers and classmates.

I will value my three years as an international student in Guilin for my whole life.

My Amazing School Life

Written by Li Wenbin and Su Shuna (Bangladesh)

Hello! I am Li Wenbin and my wife is Su Shuna. We come from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is quite near to China. It's a very small country bordering the Bay of Bengal with the population of 150 million. Bangladesh is a very beautiful country, especially our thousands of rivers that seem to create a spider web across our country.

This is my first time coming to Guangxi Normal University. I am studying Chinese here, and I think this university is really great. Guangxi Normal University has three campuses: Yucai Campus, Wangcheng Campus, and Yanshan Campus. My teachers are friendly and they help me a lot. I also find that studying Chinese is very interesting. My classmates come from different countries including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Korea, the U.K., etc. They are very nice and we get along very well with each other just like a real family.

Life in Guilin is very interesting. We like to go shopping, so we always take the bus downtown to buy clothes, to Ximen Market to buy vegetables, and to Wal-Mart to buy daily necessities. "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful under the heavens!" However, it's a great pity that I still haven't been to all of the tourist attractions. I plan to go these tourist attractions with my classmates over the upcoming weekends.

We really appreciate the school life here and we plan to continue our Chinese studies for a bachelor's degree in this university.

The Experience of Studying in Guilin

Written by Luo Huizhen (Thailand)

I am a member of the Thai Teachers Delegation studying Chinese in Guangxi Normal University. We came to GXNU's College of International Culture and Education to study Chinese for one year. This delegation consists of 20 teachers all on scholarship.

When I first arrived in Guilin, the dean and teachers warmly welcomed us, which moved us deeply. We live in the main building of the College of International Culture and Education and study on the second floor. It's very convenient. In the first semester, our four required Chinese courses were comprehensive, listening, speaking, and reading. Our two elective courses were singing and reading & writing. In the second semester, our three required Chinese courses will be comprehensive, writing, and listening & speaking. Our two elective courses will be Chinese culture and Chinese teaching. Our teachers are hardworking and take good care of us, which motivates us to study patiently. I hope my Chinese level can improve greatly after I finish this year of studies.

From November 9-13, 2009, the teachers took us to Beijing to attend the Award Ceremony for Recipients of the Chinese Language Teaching Scholarship for Foreigners and visit the Confucius Institute's headquarters, the Imperial Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, and the Bird's Nest. On Dec. 4th, 2009, the teachers took us to Nanning to attend the birthday party for Thailand's king. In addition, the teachers also took us to visit the Longsheng Rice Terraces and Maozhou Island. We have had a lot of fun here.

I had already heard the verse "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful under the heaven's." Now I finally achieved my dream of experiencing Guilin's scenery firsthand. Guilin beautiful scenery attracts millions of tourists. Recently, I have visited many tourist sites including Mao'er Mountain's sea of clouds, Yangshuo's amazing bamboo raft rides, Moon Hill, Butterfly Spring, Reed Flute Cave, Yao Mountain, West Hill Park, and the botanical gardens. Once you are here, you will never want to leave these scenic spots.

Life in China in full of surprises. First, I can watch countless channels on Chinese TV. The programs are wonderful and abundant. I enjoy listening to the shows while reading the Chinese subtitles. Second, Chinese dishes are very delicious, especially the vegetables and Guilin rice noodles. Third, it's amazing to interact with Chinese people. Fourth, the winter life in China is wonderful. Next, I have really enjoyed having fun with my classmates, such as dancing, singing, and playing drums. Finally, I am glad to spend the Spring Festival in China. During the Spring Festival, my teachers invited us to dinner to eat dumplings and traditional dishes like tangyuan. They also gave us "lucky money." In Guilin, the Spring Festival is lively and grand. You can hear firecrackers and watch fireworks everyday, which cannot be seen in my country.

I think this opportunity has offered me the deepest and most wonderful experience. Everything has been beneficial, and my Chinese has improved tremendously. Guangxi Normal University has provided so much care and love. As for Chinese education in Thailand, the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language offers many educational resources and services concerning Chinese culture, which has made huge contributions to Chinese education in Thailand. All of this makes for an unforgettable educational experience!

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