Eight Reasons to Study in GXNU

Guilin is as a world famous destination as well as a national historical and cultural treasure. A distinctive karst mountain landscape characterized by green mountains and sparkling waters creates an unworldly environment. Guilin has a moderate monsoon-influenced subtropical climate with a mild winter that doesn't drop below freezing and lots of sunshine in the summer and fall. Magnificent natural beauty and colorful ethnic minority culture combine to make Guilin's landscape one of the most unique worldwide.

In 1932, Guangxi provinces's Teacher Vocational College, the predecessor of Guangxi Normal University, was founded with the famous educator, Yang Dongchun, as president. With a history of over 85 years, Guangxi Normal University has earned the reputation as a haven of the humanities. Adhering to the concept of "honor teachers, respect Dao, and devote oneself to teamwork," Guangxi Normal University is proud to serve as a leader of education in Guangxi as we cultivate and nurture a wide variety of teachers and key societal figures.

Guangxi Normal University is comprised of three separate campuses: Wangcheng, Yucai, and Yanshan. Located in the 640 year old Jingjiang Prince City alongside the Li River, Wangcheng Campus is the only campus nationwide to receive a 5A rating from China's National Tourism Bureau. Yucai is perfectly situated by Seven Star Park in the east side of the city. Yanshan Campus was opened around 2007 and is home to modern athletic facilities, well-equipped classrooms, and numerous laboratories.
Guangxi Normal University places great importance on building a high quality teaching staff. There are 1,535 full-time teachers, including 805 professors and associate professors. Guangxi Normal University is also known for its complete range of academic disciplines and distinctive school characteristics. Especially popular among international students are various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in Chinese, tourism management, economics, management, art and design, and computer science.
Tuition, accommodation costs, and living expenses at Guangxi Normal University are quite favorable compared with other domestic universities that welcome international students. Guangxi Normal University also has the authority to receive top-notch international students under the "Chinese Government Scholarship," the "Confucius Institute Scholarship," and Guangxi Province's "ASEAN Scholarship."

Student housing options are clean and tidy; each is situated in one of many quiet and comfortable locations throughout campus. Every room is equipped with a telephone, air-conditioner, cable TV, Internet, and private bathroom. There are restaurants, coffee lounges, and grocery stores within a few minute's walk.

Guangxi Normal University pays special attention to celebrating foreign festivals, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Thailand's New Year. The College of International Culture and Education and Students International Communication Association both regularly hold a variety of activities to enhance the interaction between Chinese and foreign students and promote the physical and psychological health of international students.

Guangxi Normal University attaches great attention to the quality of student life on campus. Learning at GXNU is centered around the goal of all-around development in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic standards. A series of cultural, recreational, and physical activities are organized each term to create a harmonious atmosphere for cross-cultural communication between Chinese and foreign students. Among them, "International Cultural Festival" and "Foreign Language Karaoke Contest" are the favorite activities for international students. Guangxi Normal University is equipped with complete sports and cultural facilities, including soccer fields, tennis courts, badminton courts, piano rooms, dance studios, and a swimming pool.


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I. Admission Office

Zhang Xi, Section Chief of International Admissions
Responsible for the planning, promotion, organization and coordination of admissions and cooperation projects.

Xie Hailing, Staff

Responsible for Chinese Goverment Scholarship,Guangxi Normal University President Schoalrship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Liu Meimei, Staff
Responsible for International Chinese Language Scholarship and Guangxi Government Scholarship and help the section chief to deal with the relvent admission documents. 

Tel:0086-773-5821163(International) 0773-5821163(Domestic) 
Fax:0086-773-5850305(International) 0773-5850305(Domestic)

II. International Student Management Section

Luo Shiqing, Section Chief of International Student Management.


III. Foreign Affairs Section

Lan Shan, Teacher Affairs Secretary
Responsible for recruitment, visa application and management of international Staff.

Tel: 0086-773-5857127(International)  0773-5857127(Domestic)
Email:gxsdwsk@gxnu. e

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